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The Kergus Farm dates from 1850 and was built by the great-grandfather of our mother. At the time the farm was specialized in all vegetables: potatoes, carrots through the asparagus! But the real vegetable Roscoff which is most proud of is the onion: a sweet onion and fruity to the delight of gourmets. He obtained in 2009 the AOC (AOC) and Protected (PDO) in 2013. Today, it enjoys a good reputation thanks to the brotherhood of the onion.

The history of our farm is closely related to the onion of Roscoff. Indeed, the respective families of our parents were all the families of two Johnnies. Our great-grandfather is mounted to the Shetland Islands to go sell his onions and our own father went from the age of 16 with his father selling onions at Carlisle in Southern Scotland … Just turn of events when our father in 2011 between the brotherhood of the Roscoff onion. This enables it, in turn, teach others his passion for this.

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of Johnnies

Our grandfather Jean-François CREIGNOU 

The story began in the mid-nineteenth century, when farmers Roscovites sought to better promote their products. The latter then undertook to turn to the sea … Off was Britain! They crossed the Channel and took the road, shoulders and bicycles loaded with Roscoff onions boots. The British quickly appreciated the taste and the good conservation of the Roscoff onion. They quickly attached to these men in berets and always smiling they nicknamed “Johnnies” (Little John).

The team (also known company) our grandfather

The origin of the story: Farm Kergus (1850 – ROSCOFF)


of family

Proud today of our family heritage, we want to continue to promote this beautiful story and the flagship product of the region: pink onions from Roscoff.

  • Tiphaine : the commercial

    Following its business school, Tiphaine wanted to keep contact with the world of the earth. It therefore naturally oriented agri-food sector. Pasta with onion: it is only one step!

  • Eric : the successor

    Following his agricultural engineering degree at ESA Angers, Eric has chosen to focus his career towards the world of finance and business strategy. In 2016, he decided to return to his first love: the earth!

  • Marcel : the patriarch

    Coming from a family Roscovite and former Johnnie, who better than he can speak with love of Roscoff onions? Feel free to come and meet him for that you learn to weave.

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